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Alumni Services Coordinator (Rochester)
School Operations

Alumni Services Coordinator

Alumni Services Coordinators will work in the College Office that offers services to our students and alumni. They will work with our alumni to support them in their plans beyond Uncommon Schools. They will make site visits to the colleges our alumni are attending and communicate with graduates to ensure that they have the support and resources they need to prepare for college and beyond. Alumni Services Coordinators will report to the Director of College Completion.

  • Support efforts of every student to succeed academically and graduate from college.
  • Identify the changing needs of the students and potential risk factors to success.
  • Help students identify academic support services available through campus or local resources and make sure that they take advantage of the resources.
  • Increase student independence in managing their college experience.
  • Enhance college survival skills such as time management, rigorous study habits and academic goal setting.
  • Encourage continued character development reflective of Uncommon’s core values.

Believe in the mission:
  • Demonstrate a relentless drive to improve the minds, characters & lives of students in and out of school;
  • Show unwavering commitment to urban youth achieving greatness;
  • Exhibit resilience to persevere and turn challenges into opportunities;

Lead for excellence:
  • Facilitate each alumni in creating a positive, structured learning environment that embodies the alumni’s life goals, the school’s core values and high expectations;
  • Focus constantly on student achievement, thinking critically and strategically to respond to alumni learning needs;
  • Consistently evaluate progress, using data to drive changes in alumni support program;
Take initiative:
  • Continually think of ways to improve your support of our alumni;
  • Communicate effectively with alumni and families, engaging families in their children’s education;
  • Share responsibility with leader colleagues for the quality of school initiatives within and outside the classroom, making recommendations to improve the MS/HS program based on work with college alumni.

(1) Stay in constant communication with every student to increase student accountability and success:
  • Develop a personal, professional relationship with each student
  • Relentlessly track every student using obstacles as learning experiences, not dead-ends
  • Use all possible forms of communication to stay in close contact with each student including in-person meetings, e-mail, phone, instant messaging, text messaging, etc.
  • Be available to students during the evening and weekends to discuss any issues that may arise
  • Record relevant notes from each communication in student database
  • Send weekly SMS/email communications to all alumni with study tips, words of encouragement, summer opportunities and other relevant messages
  • Create and edit seasonal Alumni Newsletter and mail to alumni and alumni parents
  • Send care packages to students during exams

(2) Maintain an up-to-date record of each student's progress in the alumni database:
  • Record a summary of each interaction with each student in the database
  • Maintain up-to-date records of each student’s progress in his/her post-secondary career including grade point average and credits accumulated
  • Ensure accurate contact information is maintained in database

(3) Help students take full advantage of their college experience; meet each student where they are and then push each to work towards next steps in his/her personal progress:
  • Advise students on academic issues including building relationships with professors, study habits, time management, etc.
  • Make individualized academic plans with each student reflecting on strengths and weaknesses and setting appropriate goals to push student’s growth
  • Help students make decisions about choosing a major and selecting classes
  • Advise students on ways to best prepare for next step in life (graduate school, law school, work, etc.)
  • Help connect students to resources on campus including study abroad opportunities, academic help centers, writing centers, advisement offices, mental health offices, etc.

(4) Build relationships on each campus who will advocate for and support students:
  • Research key individuals on campus to meet with during on-campus visits
  • Connect students to on-campus officials who will help ensure success
  • Discuss student progress with campus officials to maintain accurate record of student progress as well as to encourage continued support from official
  • Maintain existing relationships through phone calls, email, holiday cards
 (5) Visit each graduate on his/her campus:
  • Visit graduates as often as possible: at least once a year for stable students and multiple times for students who need extra support
  • Use campus visit to assess student’s progress, create individualized action plan, connect with on-campus resources, and deal with any present or impending challenges
  • Schedule meetings with key campus administrators and adults in students’ lives (e.g. deans, admissions counselors, financial aid officers, special program directors, EOP officials, R.A.’s, professors, etc.)
  • Speak with and meet campus officials to advocate for student support, financial aid assistance or other topics as necessary
  • Make travel arrangements and submit all receipts

(6) Contact parents of graduates to inquire about students.

(7) Find summer enrichment and volunteer opportunities for students:
  • Research programs for college students
  • E-mail students regularly with opportunities
(8) Assist with transfer process when appropriate.
(9) Plan Winter and Summer Alumni Days:
  • Secure workshop presenter and/or design relevant workshops
  • Make report of day for administrators
(10) Manage the book scholarship:
  • Receive applications and receipts or set up bookstore accounts
  • Process checks and maintain record of scholarship accounts for each student

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher and at least one year of teaching experience;
  • Demonstrated experience in working with college counseling at the high school/college level;
  • Knowledge of barriers faced by low income, first-generation college students;
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with urban youth;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • Fluency in Spanish is preferred, but not required;
  • Ability to interact well with a high-performing, mission-driven staff;
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in professional mentoring and professional development;
  • Track-record of high achievement (premium placed on experience in urban communities and schools).
  • Valid driver’s license is required, and a vehicle is strongly preferred as the Alumni Services Coordinator would be required to visit alumni at their respective colleges.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Aside from extensive professional development, all our staff members are equipped with a laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, PDA, and all necessary supplies.
The foregoing information is requested for mandatory government reporting purposes only.  As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by applicable law.
Please note that your application will not be saved until you click “submit” at the end of the application question set. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save your resume or answers as you go along.  Please take this into consideration. You are welcome to open the application, copy and paste the questions into a Word Document, and then copy and paste your answers into our application once they are complete. Additionally, if you leave your application before beginning the question set, you will need to upload your resume again in order to move forward with the process upon returning. Thanks in advance for the time you are taking to apply to Uncommon Schools.

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